It’s hot, it’s steamy, you know you want to (and chances are, you already have: this series has been ULTRA popular on Netflix). It’s deliciously anachronistic, unapologetically salacious, and totally bingeable. The costumes are sumptuous, the dialogue sparkles, the sets are incredible, and the romance is as soapy as it is sexy. Plus, the ensemble cast has incredible depth and talent, led by a luminous Phoebe Dyvenor and the brooding sex-beast Regé-Jean Page as The Duke.

We don’t normally review series here, but we’re unconstrained and unstoppable on Youtube.

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10 thoughts on “Bridgerton

  1. ScholaireFranglais

    My wife won’t let me watch it (even though she does) so I can only imagine how good it is 😀 She did this with GoT too…


  2. mamabpray

    I love this blog, and I love the Bridgerton review. I saw the video of the review and read the article, and felt I was amongst friends talking about the show. Great job.
    Stay Safe&Smart💕


  3. gracezeid

    I love Bridgerton too- such a great twist on the regency era! If you’re a Bridgerton fan, I have also written an article about it on my blog, giving some recommendations about what to read next to satisfy your hunger for the next series!!



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