SXSW 2021: Kid Candidate

Hayden Pedigo is a 24 year old experimental musician who makes weird performance art videos that go semi-viral. His go-to character is a politician, and he gets just enough attention from these silly uploads that he decides to actually run for city council, as if having played one on Youtube somehow makes you qualified.

Pedigo may have honourable intentions, and he certainly loves his city, Amarillo, Texas. He’s even got a couple of ideas for improving things – almost, though not quite, some policy. But he does not have the heart for shaking hands and kissing babies or giving speeches or raising money or being criticized or talking to people. It’s going to be quite an uphill battle campaigning against an incumbent backed by the town’s elite, not to mention their very influential dollars.

It’s great to want to fight corruption and to unite communities, but let’s be real: Pedigo doesn’t actually stand a chance. And like its subject, Kid Candidate lacks the vision and ambition to really make a go of things. However, film maker Jasmine Stodel does get one thing right. She backs a youth movement that’s attempting to be the change they want to see. Maybe their inexperience and naivete mean they’ve failed today, but they’ve seen how dirty the game is, how rigged the system is, and they know the only way to change it is from within.

2 thoughts on “SXSW 2021: Kid Candidate

  1. tubularsock

    “. . . as if having played one on Youtube somehow makes you qualified.”
    Seems like a qualification more honest than what we get from the system we play with now.

    Pedigo’s best chance to change the system is strapping dynamite in his vest and visiting the city council to make his splash!

    But that would limit his opportunities for a future political career due to his explosive entry.

    Oh well.


  2. Liz A.

    Running for office is great. But one should run for office only if one intends to do the job. We’ve seen what happens when one runs for office on a lark.



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