I wasn’t sure if I wanted to watch this documentary; how smart could it be, I wondered, if it went with Seaspiracy over the rather obvious and clearly superior Conspirasea.

Film maker Ali Tabrizi is clearly passionate about the subject matter but let me tell you a little secret about documentarians: they’re not necessarily experts in the subjects they’re covering. Of course, some documentarians are well educated, and some are journalists, but some just want to make movies, or get famous. Their films’ content isn’t always deep, or thorough, or correct.

Seaspiracy is so general that I don’t doubt it’s fairly accurate. Its main thesis is: oceans are dying, and the commercial fishing industry is largely to blame. Tabrizi seems genuinely surprised by most of the facts he “uncovers” in his film and not particularly well-versed in basic ecology despite a self-proclaimed love for oceans and marine life. He’s also got a remarkable love for himself, and a good portion of his film is overshadowed by his own presence. Are the oceans being saved by shots of him shaking his despondent head as he scrolls the Internet? Or of him wiping away definitely not manufactured tears? Not likely. But he’s sad, guys, very sad, and worse, he’s disappointed. But he’s also very heroic! Don’t take my word for it – he’ll provide multiple statements to that effect, lauding him for risking his life to “report” on this important subject. Never mind that his courage is a little late to the party; his attempt to surreptitiously film a dolphin hunt at “a cove,” as he calls it, is actually The Cove, you know, the 2010 Oscar-winning documentary?

I don’t have a lot of respect for Seaspiracy but I suppose it’s an able enough introduction to the subject matter, perfect for children raised by wolves, people living under rocks, and mole women rescued from underground bunkers. If, however, you’re a normal human person, this particular doc might only be of interest for Tabrizi’s overzealous use of the word ‘equivalent.’ He loves when things are equivalent to other things! And while Seaspiracy exposes corruption and even slavery, its white saviour complex is as troubling as its integrity is suspect. Even if I agree with it in large part, I believe that almost anyone else would have done a better job.

9 thoughts on “Seaspiracy

  1. Kendall

    I love this review. This doc is on my list, but I haven’t been that interested in it to be completely honest. I have only seen memes about how “Seaspiracy” was a missed opportunity for “Conspirasea.” lol

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  2. J

    Funny how you just commented purely on his personality and barely said any thing about the documentary itself. Jealous perhaps? If you’re planning on ‘skipping’ this one or taking it off your list. You are an ignorant fool. It is educational and motivating and will do you all some good.

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  3. J.

    It has it’s issues (mostly the chap Ali) but I think a focus on the damage of commercial fishing and the ‘sustainable fishing’ myth was long overdue. I enjoyed it – especially the ‘follow the money’ element and the refusal of certain organisations to address the real issues. That said, you could spend the time watching Happy Feet instead, amaright?

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  4. Halim

    Hilarious review! I love it. I’m sure I’ve seen a documentary or two like that before, where they just don’t seem that informative or not as in-depth as I thought they should have been. But I can’t remember which, I guess they’re that forgettable haha.

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  5. Kirsty T

    Finally!! I thought I was the only one who was disappointed in this documentary. The guy’s attitude and conduct rubbed me up the wrong way and meant I found it difficult to take him seriously. Great review, keep up the sarcasm.

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    This film contains some shocking revelations and harrowing moments and sure the narrative at times from this young film maker is not as slick as some big ticket productions, however one thing I am absolutely certain of is that your clever sarcastic comments aren’t doing anything to save this planet.



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