Christmas With You

Angelina (Aimee Garcia) is a pop star who hasn’t felt particularly inspired lately, but her label thinks she’s been reaching into her bag of hits a little too often lately. Their solution is to force her to record a Christmas single even though there’s only about three weeks left until Christmas!

Inspired by a fan video, Angelina decides to visit 15-year-old fan Cristina (Deja Monique Cruz) at her high school. They bond over their dead mothers and a freak snowstorm compels her to stay and have dinner with Cristina and her single dad, Miguel (Freddie Prinze, Jr.).

As a sentient human being, you can figure out what happens from here. There’s not a lot to recommend it, to be honest. It’s high cheese. But since it’s new this year on Netflix, at least you can rest assured you haven’t seen it yet.


13 thoughts on “Christmas With You

  1. walkingoffthechessboard

    Welcome back, Jay. I jumped back on to WP in June and saw you had taken a break. Great to see this review. A new Christmas movie…seems like there are a 100 of them but I do like the two leads in this one and will put this on the “nice” list!


  2. tubularsock

    Jay it is GREAT to have you back. Hope all is well.

    Tubularsock has missed your work. Tubularsock doesn’t watch film much because it seems to tell the same story over again and on and on and on ad nauseam.

    And due to that Tubularsock doesn’t do Netflix.

    So Jay, Tubularsock leaves it up to you to keep Tubularsock informed on film.

    So all that being said, Tubularsock has really missed you!

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