Picture Perfect Royal Christmas

Amanda’s boss was invited to the kingdom of Pantrea to even their famous Christmas festivities. Boss lady can’t be bothered but Amanda (Roxanne McKee) can’t pass up an all expenses trip, so she poses as her boss and starts clicking her camera.

Naturally there’s a handsome prince involved. Technically speaking, Prince Leopold (David Witts) is already engaged to Duchess Catherine (Sophie Vavasseur), but don’t worry, she’s a crown-hungry snob so you won’t feel bad when she inevitably gets overthrown.

Amanda is very bad at explaining why she’s traveling under a different name and why she doesn’t seem to know her own biographical details. Her hands are oddly shaky for a photographer (even for a photographer’s assistant), and despite the fact that she’s there to take photos, she actually starts competing in the holiday events, shirking the duties the royal family has for some reason flown her around the world to perform.

Feminists often have to push their quibbles aside in order to enjoy a holiday romance. Heck, humans often have to push their common sense aside, but if it’s all in good fun, many are happy to do so. Picture Perfect Royal Christmas, however, has a premise that can’t stand up under its own weight. It’s utterly ridiculous at every twist and turn, likely a movie that only the most diehard royal-romance devotees will be able to tolerate.


3 thoughts on “Picture Perfect Royal Christmas

  1. rtjantzen

    When your motherinlaw is 85 and is from the old country, and your wife is not a cinephile (can I actually pretend to be one? I had to check the spelling), these movies are unavoidable. Taken with this attitude, one can actually survive them. We did this one.


  2. Liz A.

    Sadly, these Christmas movies seem to be getting worse each year. 20+ years ago, they were fun. Now the tropes have been done to death.


  3. walkingoffthechessboard

    I still like checking out the new batch of Christmas movies each year to see if anything is of interest, but the whole Royals tie-in never works for me. Just too “out there,” which is saying a lot considering how often these films stretch reality.🙂



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