The Christmas Note

Gretchen (Jamie-Lynn Sigler) and son Ethan (Dylan Kingwell) have moved homes to be closer to her family, especially as they approach the holidays. Their small family is tinged with sadness, but Ethan especially is a gung-ho kid, determined to make the best of things, eagerly introducing himself to new next door neighbour, Melissa (Leah Gibson). Melissa is a bit shy, perhaps not as keen to return his enthusiasm, but it seems Melissa is destined to be tied to Gretchen and Ethan anyway.

While Melissa’s at work, her mother’s landlord rings Gretchen’s doorbell instead, asking her to deliver the news: Melissa’s mother is dead, and Gretchen needs to clean out her apartment post haste. Gretchen is reluctant to break this kind of news to a virtual stranger, but the again, she doesn’t have a lot of choice. Blame the goodness of her heart for volunteering to help with the clearing out; Gretchen’s really getting entangled, especially when they find a note from Melissa’s mom confessing a secret baby given up for adoption in the hears before Melissa was born.

Since Gretchen needs a distraction, she and Melissa go on a bit of a caper, combing their small town for bread crumbs that may lead them to this mystery sibling.

A bit of a departure for Hallmark, this Christmas movie isn’t a romance at all, it’s love in the form of family. And what could be warmer than finding Melissa a family just as she’s lost the only relative she had left. It’s going to be difficult, but young Ethan has an ace in his back pocket: he’s using his letter to Santa this year to call in a favour. 😉

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