A Kiss On Candy Cane Lane

This one you can rule out before learning anything more about it. It’s forgettable even among a lineup of nearly identical Lifetime and Hallmark and Harlequin holiday romances.

Jennifer (Jillian Murray) goes home for Christmas because her sister has cancer and could use the support. But while she’s there, she bumps into her old college sweetheart Mark (George Stults), who’s just as handsome as ever. But Mark hasn’t been waiting around for her – he moved on, got married, even had a baby. But once the baby came, the wife left, and now Mark’s raising his newborn daughter on his own, and the whole town can’t quit gossiping about it. A saint, they dub him, for merely doing the bare minimum. Anyway, between the cancer and the baby, this Christmas, shit gets real for Jennifer. It’s not what she was looking for – especially because she left behind a boyfriend – but will she succumb?

Honestly, this one’s worse than most. You can do better. In fact, you could close your eyes and reach about with a mere candy cane and probably accidentally poke something better than this. Watch that. Even if it’s your cat. Even if it’s your microwave. Watch anything else.

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