Let It Snow

Stephanie (Candace Cameron Bure) is a businesswoman devoted to her father’s empire with no time and no chill for Christmas sentiment. This year, however, her resolve will be tested as she’s sent to Snow Valley Lodge, a rustic retreat known for its elaborate Christmas traditions that her father will soon be buying up and overhauling into their next hot spot destination.

Brady (Jesse Hutch) is late to pick her up at the airport and she pretty much writes him off based on that. Brady is the son of the lodge’s current owners. He once thought he’d be the one taking over the lodge, but his father has always been adamant that things stay exactly as they have been for generations, which hasn’t exactly been all that sustainable of late. And while Stephanie’s dad (Alan Thicke) may have made some vague promises about keeping things as they are, he has absolutely no intention on honouring that at all. Stephanie’s there to start making recommendations, but she’s finding herself no longer immune to Christmas festivities. The lodge is winning her over – and so is Brady, who is more than just a tardy chauffeur, as it turns out.

What will she do? Embrace tradition and fight to keep the lodge as she found it? Recognize that her lack of Christmas spirit goes hand in hand with her absentee father? Earn his love by doing his bidding? Or throw in the towel and run an inn with her new husband Brady? And by golly, could the Leap Pad Ultra product placement get any bolder? If you watch, you will let me know, won’t you? 😉

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