Christmas Next Door

Eric (Jesse Metcalfe) is the worst kind of man, a dude bro who makes a living being a misogynist. He calls it “being a committed bachelor” and he writes and sells various propaganda endorsing his female-free lifestyle and teaching other men how and why to stay single too. His lavish home is open to weekly poker parties and football games, events none of his married friends’ wives would let them host on the regular. Nevertheless, his next book isn’t writing itself, and Eric isn’t exactly writing it either, and with the deadline looming (just after Christmas, of course) he’s got to come up with the next chapter of bachelorhood, and quick. His mom has other ideas. She’s been babysitting Eric’s niece and nephews but fakes sick in order to impel him to take over. With a couple of young kids running around his bachelor pad, he turns to the literal girl next door for help.

April (Fiona Gubelmann) is a kid-loving, Christmas-loving godsend, keeping the kids out of his hair, decorating with them, shopping and caroling and all of that holiday nonsense that bachelors can’t be bothered with and Eric in particular avoids because he believes himself to be Christmas-cursed.

April is almost a little too good at keeping the kids immersed in the holiday spirit; soon, even Eric is joining in. I’m not sure if his Christmas outlook is softening or his procrastination is just kicking into over-drive, but suddenly these disparate parties are acting like a very cozy family of four. It’s almost awkward when the kids’ parents actually return and grandma confesses her deception.

What do you think, guys? Do you think Eric will trade money for love? Eschew his cash cow brand and succumb to love and marriage and the end of bachelorhood forever? And do you think we, the audience, will forgive him even if he does? He’s not exactly your typical Hallmark love interest, he’s a skeevier sort that isn’t a trend in the right direction.

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