Christmas On My Mind

Lucy (Ashley Greene) is doing some last-minute rushing around when she suffers a little bump to the head and wakes up frantic that she’s late to her own wedding. A Salvation Army Santa expresses concern, but the wedding dress in her hand seems to corroborate a certain urgency. However, when she finally tracks down fiancé Zach (Andrew Walker), she learns that she’s got a gap where 2 years worth of memories should be. In those 2 years, she and Zach have broken up, and Lucy’s actually engaged to another man now. Awkward.

Especially because her doctor (Jackée Harry) suggests she stay in town in an attempt to recover her memory. She’s leaning on Zach quite heavily because he’s the last thing she remembers, and she has no memory at all of the new guy, who makes it easy for her to avoid him. Lucy and Zach fall back into old patterns easily; it’s clear they had a close relationship at one time, and Lucy is both crushed and mystified as to why things ended. Zach’s new girlfriend isn’t thrilled by this intrusion, but Zach’s family, who always liked Lucy, pretty much welcomes her back with open arms. There was a spot there waiting for her, and she just kind of steps right into it, a perfect fit.

What’s next for Zach and Lucy? Will our girl ever get her memory back? What kind of weird amnesia has she got, anyway? There’s only one way to find out. Oh, and whether you watch or not, do mind your footing when doing your own rushing around this year.

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