Christmas with a Prince

Pediatric doctor Tasha Mason (Kaitlyn Leeb) is very dedicated to the little patients on her ward, so she’s quite put out when a wealthy playboy displaces some of the kids to make room for his own private convalescence after a ski accident leaves him with a broken leg. Imagine her surprise when the wealthy mystery patient turns out to be none other than her childhood boarding school crush, Prince Alexander (Nick Hounslow).

Dr. Mason’s little brother Jeff (Josh Dean) also works on the ward as a nurse, and he and Prince Alexander have always been close, particularly so in the last year after the death of Alexander’s brother, leaving him the sole heir to his kingdom (currently ruled by his disapproving father, played by Charles Shaunghnessy). Jeff is the uneasy monkey in the middle, but soon Prince Alexander is winning over the kids as well – and not just by throwing money around, but by playing and engaging with them. Think Tasha can resist? Not for long, that’s for sure.

But when Tasha tries to step into his world, she suffers a lot of pushback – the King isn’t thrilled, but a conniving Russian princess who’d like to land Alexander for herself even less so. But Dr. Tasha isn’t a pushover, or a quitter. And there’s no better proof than a sequel, which fans can watch at their leisure, possibly even back to back!

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