Christmas Catch

Mack (Emily Alatalo) is a police detective working for her “call me Captain” mother (Lauren Holly) in a small town precinct (quite probably its only one). Mack is notorious on the force, and particularly with her mother Captain, for being socially awkward and completely hopeless when it comes to dating. We are treated to several examples and yes, they are painful. But you know how it goes: when you’re least expecting it, you run into a handsome man, things just click, and the rest is history. With the right man, and Carson (Franco Lo Presti) certainly has Mr. Right chiseled down that perfect jawline, everything seems easy.

Except for when Special Agent Robertson (Genelle Williams) of the FBI shows up the next day, explaining that Carson is a suspected diamond thief (a 3 million dollar diamond reindeer to be exact) and needs to be surveilled – by none other than Mack and her partner (Andrew Bushell) of course. Why are the good ones always either gay or diamond thieves? Still crushing on the perp hard, Mack vows to remain impartial and professional, and even tries not to drool when surveillance just happens to include Carson in a barely-there towel. Things get sticker when Agent Robertson orders Mack to “pretend” to date Carson in order to get closer to him, win his trust, and have him confess. Can Mack possibly do her job without falling hopelessly in love?

No she can’t. But if you’ve always thought romantic Hallmark holiday movies could be improved with some sort of crime aspect, this one’s sure to be right up your alley.

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