Chateau Christmas

World famous pianist Margot (Merritt Patterson) takes a break from her busy touring schedule to stay at Chateau Neuhaus for Christmas. It’s a family tradition she hasn’t had time to share for several years, and while she’s happy to reconnect with her young niece, she’s also hiding out from a recent review that called her playing passionless – the worst part is, she knows it’s true. Contemplating retirement, she’s glad for the time off. Not that she’s going to get much.

Also at the Chateau for Christmas: her ex-boyfriend Jackson (Luke Macfarlane)! Seems like a pretty big coincidence, but his best friend is the hotel manager, and the manager has a pretty big problem: their annual Christmas concert is in peril, having lost not only its director but most of its performers as well. Uh oh. So obliging Jackson got roped into putting together an entire concert in just a few days with his ex-in-laws in attendance and his beautiful ex-girlfriend set to be its star. Life is throwing them together again after their careers took them in different directions – will Margot and Jackson be able to find their way back to each other?

Hallmark Magic 8 Ball says: all signs point to yes. Happy endings are guaranteed, remember? And happiness defined by Hallmark means true love forever. That’s sort of a pukey concept, but if you’re willing to buy in to the romance be all and end all of that is good and right in the world, you can rest assured that Hallmark will come through for you. The true purpose of a Hallmark movie is to get just as swept along as the couple in question. You will give in to the Christmas spirit, which inevitably fosters love and warmth and family and commitment and cookies.

3 thoughts on “Chateau Christmas

  1. Robert Jantzen

    Merrit and Luke are both too cute. Yes, totally formulaic, but her smile, his special way… we missed the first 20 minutes to a family zoom but it seemed pretty clear from where we cut in what was going on. It’s either this or back to Episode 2 of Merry Happy Whatever with Dennis Quaid…I guess we will stick with this.


  2. lralger

    I loved Château Christmas. True, we all know how Hallmark movies will end up, but it’s still so fun to watch how it plays out. Merritt Paterson & Luke McFarlane make a believably cute couple and you just want to see them end up together. I love the concert pianist theme and enjoyed it very much!



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