Welcome to Christmas

Madison Lane is a very busy resort developer tasked with finding a location for a new ski resort. She’s pretty committed to Mountain Park as the next location but her boss wants her to check out the town of Christmas, Colorado all the same. Christmas has been down on its luck for a while now, in desperate need of both jobs and tourists if it wants to flourish once again and though it is small, it put together a pretty attractive incentive package for the resort people. On her way there, Madison (Jennifer Finnigan) literally crashes into the Welcome to Christmas sign, which will serve as a running joke and an opportunity to rethink the town’s awful slogan. It also conveniently traps her there or as long as the mechanic can convince her he doesn’t have the parts to make her car run.

Meanwhile, the whole town launches a campaign tailored in secret to Madison to convince her theirs is the best town for the new ski resort. Town Sheriff Gage McBride (Eric Mabius) acts as her guide while the town throws every magical thing they can think at her: tree lighting ceremonies and ornament scavenger hunts, not to mention oodles of charm and tradition. Madison can’t help but fall in love with the town. And with the sheriff. Right?

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