Christmas in Evergreen, Letters to Santa

Are you a fan the Hallmark Evergreen universe? Officially, there was just Christmas in Evergreen, but I guess the Hallmark crew couldn’t wait to go back (it’s actually Vancouver) so they threw some fake snow on the ground and came up with a “spin-off” (very loosely) set in the same quaint town you fell in love with in the first film (although, don’t worry if you never saw it, it literally has nothing to do with this one).

In this one, Lisa (Jill Wagner) finally makes good on her bucket list and takes a Christmas time trip to her hometown, Evergreen! Things have changed since she was last there. The general store has closed, and…well that’s the main thing. It inspires Lisa to put her vague skills to use restoring the to its former charm so that someone may buy it. Good thing she keeps running into hunky jack of all trades Kevin (Mark Deklin) who, despite only being in town for a week, has for some reason found various employments and accepts yet another, as Lisa’s contractor. Anyway, they find the “Mailbox to Santa” in the dusty shop; it used to be beloved for granting Christmas wishes. They convince the bakery across the street, Kringle Kitchen, to babysit it alongside their own wish-granting snow globe while the store’s under renovation. But huzzah! They find a 25 year old undelivered letter in the box and now the whole town of Evergreen rallies around it to grant one last wish.

Also there’s a subplot about a key.

Is it a super great movie? Of course not. But you love Evergreen, I love Evergreen, there’s an old Chevy truck that’s pretty great, and the star of the first film, Hallmark legend Ashley Williams, who starred in the first, and apparently her character is still there, still living her happily ever after, so why can’t Lisa and Kevin?

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