A Royal Winter

Maggie (Merritt Patterson) is that special combination of both white and privileged in that even as she’s unemployed and looking for her first job as a lawyer, she gets to go on an impromptu European vacation, to Calpurnia, a veritable winter wonderland.

Maggie is so enthralled with the snow-capped architecture of the tiny kingdom that she nearly gets run over by a dude on a motorcycle. Luckily Adrian (Jack Donnelly) not only runs over her hat but rescues it as well. And with that, a romance is born. But what Maggie doesn’t know is that Adrian is actually crown prince Adrian, future king of Calpurnia. He lies because it’s “refreshing” that she isn’t in to his “celebrity” and stuff like that.

Adrian’s mother is very disapproving of her son’s playboy persona. He wants to do revolutionary things like invite the lowly public to his coronation, and date American tourists, but his mother is having absolutely none of it. But it’s not just the aristocracy that will have to learn to follow their own path instead of the one their parents forge for them. Adrian’s default is to run away, but with his resources, it’s Paris he proposes – except in a stroke of terrible timing, the job Maggie interviewed for is now calling her home, urgently. How will love prevail?

Trust in Hallmark, folks. They will find a way. Obviously this whole marrying a prince at Christmas thing is a really big business and they’re following a time-tested formula to squeeze every last drop from the trope and more.

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