You Light Up My Christmas

When star and executive producer Kim Fields had a few extra roles in this Lifetime film to fill, she called on her old Facts of Life costars for a little help, and they answered, so keep your eyes peeled for some extra fun cameos, and even some nods to the late Charlotte Ray who played Mrs. Edna Garrett on the show.

You light Up My Christmas is about realtor Emma (Fields) who returns home for the holidays to ensure that her late father’s house sells. But as she decks its halls for increased curb appeal, she discovers that her father’s Christmas light company isn’t doing as well as she thought, and the lights in her small hometown have dimmed of late.

Kim Fields waltzes through scenes in a series of serious lady boss costumes, most of them trimmed in faux-fur, a one-woman winter wonderland, ready for some serious cuddling. Cuddle candidate: former boyfriend and current Christmas light company manager Ben (Adrian Holmes) who’s very handsome and likely still interested

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