Once Upon A Holiday

A princess from a small country is visiting NYC when she goes AWOL. Sick of having every moment planned and choreograph, with no time at all for her own pursuits and passions, she evades her crack security team (literally just ducking), and hits the streets, totally unprepared. Within minutes she’s robbed, her purse and heirloom camera stolen. A good samaritan tries to give her cash to get home (not that a princess carries cash anyway…I’m guessing the purse had nothing but lipgloss and loose diamonds) but instead she adopts the name Kate Holiday and resolves to spend as much time with him, learning to be “normal.”

Jack doesn’t know she’s a princess of course, which means to him she looks a lot like a random homeless person. She needs food and shelter and clothes. And for some reason she falls dead asleep at a party. And yet Jack just adopts this strange homeless woman who appears to have zero common sense and who won’t give a straight answer to a question for all the loose diamonds in the world. Not only does Jack take her under his wing, he falls in love with her.

Meanwhile, selfish little Katie doesn’t give one fig for her security team nor her loved ones, who are equally concerned about her safety and well-being. She’s just vanished and they’re left making excuses to all of her commitments while they scramble to find her.

Briana Evigan and Paul Campbell are pretty unremarkable in their individual roles and their chemistry can only be measured in negative numbers. But it makes sense that there’s no heat in their romance; there’s also very little Christmas in this Christmas movie. It’s set “during the holidays” but this is really just a movie about a princess who’d rather not be. This is a very missable, skippable movie, and luckily, Netflix has a million more where this came from. Choose again.

3 thoughts on “Once Upon A Holiday

  1. tubularsock

    Jay, a great heads-up but the title gives it away for Tubularsock.

    Tubularsock avoids ALL holidays so that makes it easy.

    However, because of you Jay,Tubularsock went searching for the trailer to see what you saw but in a longer version.

    THAT was enough for Tubularsock!

    A runaway princess with NOT ONE scene of a napalmed castle or a car chase that ends with the car careening into the moat in flames …………..

    WELL! What kind of a holiday movie IS THAT!


  2. bookbeachbunny

    You would think she could have found a double that was absolutely willing to switch places and then they could happily fool everyone in their lives… or are they all starting to run together at this point? Thanks for the review!



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