Jurassic World: a preview


Everyone’s buzzing about two movie trailers that were supposed to drop into theatres this Friday – Star Wars, and Jurassic World. But Jurrassic world managed to win the day with a “leak” (that was probably more scoop than oops).

So who’s excited to see this one? I think the franchise lost a lot of viewers with their last installment but they’re hoping for a major reboot (and a major payday). They’re peddling their little asses off; as if a trailer premiere isn’t enough, they teased the teaser in the days leading up to its realease.

You’ll still have to wait 6 more months of this movie – Jurassic World is released June 12 – but it looks like the park is finally open. Yes, 22 years (22! Who feels ancient?) have passed since the park was first dreamed into reality by John Hammond. We all know that didn’t exactly go well for the park or for the people (and director Colin Trevorrow promises that neither Sam Neill, Laura Dern, nor Jeff Goldblum will be forced back onto the island under any pretenses. Pinky promise?). This film features Chris Pratt (note: too cute to be eaten) as an on-site scientist doing behavioural research on velociraptors (um, why?). Dinosaur-hell breaks loose when the company inadvertently (worst track record ever!) unleashes a genetically modified (because they can be patented – cha-ching!) hybrid dinosaur on the park.

I think Sean just got wood. Not only is this going to be a MAJOR drive in movie this summer, it’s also going to get its own Lego sets (making this Chris Pratt’s third time as a little yellow plastic man – there’s gotta be some kind of club for that). Merchandising aside, this movie is guaranteed to be good – after all, the last time co-stars Judy Greer and Bryce Dallas Howard got together, a little piece of movie magic called The Village resulted. No bombs in sight.





p.s. Let’s hope the Jurassic animatronics are of slightly better quality than the Zombeavers ones. Can I get a hell yeah?

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