This movie has a forgettable title. I just tried to watch it two days ago and was startled to realize that in fact, I’d already seen it – it’s that Tom Hardy movie that I really liked.

Luc told me to watch this movie, told me he liked it, and liked Tom Hardy in it. Having seen it, I realize those are one and the same. Tom Hardy IS the movie. It’s just him in a car, his movie to make or break, and fortunately, it’s a very good performance. locke

Basically, you get the impression that this guy is super methodical and exact, but on the eve of some great big event in his career, he gets a phone call that means his whole life is about to unravel. So we, the audience, get in the car with him, and go for a ride. And somehow, during the course of that one little road trip, we come to know Locke fairly well. And maybe that’s true of all of us; we show our true colours when we’re under fire. And this guy’s got some serious fire, but also a bluetooth, and he uses this car ride to try to douse some of the flames. And no matter how hot it gets (okay, I’m going to stop this metaphor now), Locke is calm and precise and quiet. Kudos to Hardy, and to the director (Knight) for placing him so well. It sounds like this movie could feel monotonous but Knight cuts between the different crises to riveting effect.

I thought the ending was weak, and kind of abrupt. You get so invested in this guy it comes as shock that he might actually reach his destination and leave his car. And we get left behind.

What did you think?


2 thoughts on “Locke

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