Die Hard: My Second Favorite Christmas Movie

To make up for my admittedly obvious choice for my favorite, my second favorite Christmas movie is one of the best action films of all time that just so happens to be set entirely on Christmas Eve. Despite being originally released in the middle of summer and featuring a body count of nearly 20 bloody murders, Christmas is not incidental to Die Hard. Beginning with an act of Christmas kindness from the likeable limo driver Argyle, featuring several Christmas songs hummed by Sgt. Powell, and ending with Let it Snow during the credits- barely a minute goes by where we’re not reminded that it’s Christmastime at Nakatomi Plaza. In fact, when the third Die Hard abandoned Christmas Eve for summer in New York, I missed it, more than I missed Bonnie Bedelia as Holly or Reginald VelJohnson as Powell- also both missing in the third installment. This is the perfect Christmas movie for those that don’t mind a little mayhem with their mistletoe.

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