Golden Globes – Best Animated Feature Film

The Nominees are

The Lego Movie

How To Train Your Dragon 2

The Boxtrolls

Big Hero 6

The Book of Life

I have nothing bad to say about any of these movies, they’re all watchable and enjoyable. It’s not easy to compare inflatable robots with Mexican representations of death, or sentient toys with mute dragons, but the Golden Globes (and soon the Oscars) forces us do so, and this year, there’s no contest.

This category holds one of my favourite movies of 2014, period. The Lego Movie is a triumph in legodetail. Every piece of the movie is virtually built with bricks, bricks that are blemished and scratched, bricks that appear to be played with. The nostalgia factor runs deep in this movie, with several familiar faces popping up in cameos throughout the film. Emmett, the hero of the movie, voiced by Chris Pratt, is a likable doofus that appeals to all audience members. Liam Neeson voices good cop\bad cop brilliantly and steals every scene he’s in. The movie shows a pig explode into sausages – I mean, there’s just no beating that. And any kid movie that can sneak in themes of Orwell’s 1984 AND The Matrix has got to be awarded. We’ll start with the Globes, but we’re not stopping until the Oscars.

Score one The Lego Movie. But do I think the Globes will agree? Yes, I do.



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2 thoughts on “Golden Globes – Best Animated Feature Film

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