Golden Globes – Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy

Matt and I are still cramming to bring the best Globes coverage we can, and I’m putting up thoughts and predictions as I complete the categories. Please chime in with your own vote, we always love the feedback!

The nominees:

St Vincent


The Grand Budapest Hotel


Into the Woods

I watched Pride this morning and The Grand Budapest Hotel probably 10 months ago, so this category is a little uneven for that reason. I’ve enjoy ed all of these movies to some extent, but of course there are some stand-outs.

St Vincent is a fun movie if you love Bill Murray but probably a little flat if you don’t. It’s a star vehicle but not much more. Pride is a feel-good movie that everyone should watch and anyone would have some good take-away feelings. It’s just not that deep. The Grand Budapest Hotel is my baby. I’m a Wes Anderson nut and I love everything he does. He probably poops glitter. And this movie is great even among Wes Anderson films, with an all-star cast that blows you away (and a little Bill Murray to make me swoon), and a thousand little details that will have you licking your lips in delight. Don’t miss it. You may, however, give Into the Woods a miss. The cast is great but the story’s inconsistent and the musical numbers just aren’t that memorable. Plus there’s the whole pedophilia angle. Birdman has a great cast AND a great, fresh story. It somehow blends a gritty realism with a gothic surrealism quite seamlessly, leaving the audience to guess and to fill in the blanks. It’s the most daring of the nominees, and the most exciting to watch.

Apologies to Wes Anderson (and with confidence that you have many more great movies to Birmdancome), I’m giving it to Birdman. It just makes you excited about what is possible in filmmaking. I’m gushing, but Birdman deserves it, just as it’ll deserve the golden Globe on Sunday.

Score one Birdman. But do I think the Globes will agree? I hope so. I wouldn’t be disappointed to see it go to The Grand Budapest Hotel, another deserving movie from a director who’s been criminally snubbed in the past. What I’m worried about is the celebrity  power of Into The Woods, a movie undeserving but perhaps irresistible to the people doing the voting. Fingers crossed that they do the right thing.


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