Golden Globes – Best Original Score

The Nominees:

The Imitation Game’s Alexandre Desplat

The Theory of Everything’s Johann Johannson

Gone Girl’s Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross

Birdman‘s Antonio Sanchez

Interstellar’s Hans Zimmer

This category will probably bubble down to a battle of the British biopics. Johannson has never even been nominated but stands a good chance. You can’t count Zimmer out because it’s Zimmer, but if you read our Interstellar reviews, you know that we found the music to be ‘loud’ and ‘too loud’ and ‘kind of manipulative’ rather than particularly good. Desplat is an awards darling and could just as easily been nominated for his stellar work in The Grand Budapest Hotel as well. He’s not undeserving and his score for The Imitation Game is beautiful.

I hope, though, that the Globes will surprise us all and declare Antonio Sanchez the winner. When I reviewed Birdman, I felt the score was almost another character. His drum beats become a part of the movie, sometimes subtle and other times propulsive and assertive. Drums are not normal fare for a movie composer, but this is part of what Birdman such an exhilarating movie. It takes risks. Sanchez’s work weaves itself into the story and gives it life, a pulse.

The Oscars refused to even consider Birdman’s score, citing various flimsy excuses, amounting Birdman-movie-posterto the director having occasionally used some pieces of classical music as themes for certain characters, thus rendering the score somehow ineligible (although this adds up to about 16 minutes out of the film’s 119). Certainly if pre-recorded songs are dominant, then the score is thought not to be, but that’s just not the case in Birdman. I do believe, however, that voting Academy members are not used to a single drum comprising a score. They themselves conduct orchestras and employ many (unionized) musicians, whereas Sanchez does not. So his innovative work will be frustratingly snubbed by the Oscars. Will the Globes have the balls to make up for it? I doubt it, but I hope so.

Score 2 for Birdman.

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