It’s Christmas, Eve

Eve is an interim school superintendent. They bring her in on short contracts when a school board is bleeding money, and she tunes them up. It usually means hiring freezes and cutting ‘inessential’ programs, like art and music. It’s not a popular position, but Eve doesn’t mind. She likes the transitory nature of the job. It keeps her rootless and moving, which is how she likes it. Her mother doesn’t understand how this job is even possible for Eve, who used to be a musician herself, just like her dad before he left, or died, and apparently I didn’t care enough to learn which. Now Eve is in town to do the chopping job in her hometown. It means she’ll spend Christmas with her mother for the first time in years, and meet Liam, the cute single dad who just moved in next door. Who just happens to be the music teacher at the school she’s been sent to fillet. Awkward!

MV5BNzM5ODEwMDM5NF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMDk3NzU5NjM@._V1_SX1500_CR0,0,1500,999_AL_Now, since Hallmark has upped its casting budget into the quadruple digits in order to hire LeeAnn Rimes in the lead, we can all be pretty sure that something’s going to inspire her to find value in music again.

Turns out, she does have a caring bone in her body! She gets motivated to figure out how to raise the money without making the cuts. She enlists Liam’s help to put on a Christmas concert, and if you’ve ever had to sit through 3 hours of kids playing tubas, you know how much money you’d pay to attend. Hahaha, just kidding. They might make more money if people could pay to not attend, or at least to leave after their own kid’s 90 seconds of fame is up.

Anyway, the important thing to note is that it leaves her plenty of time to get cozy with the cute music teacher – and maybe to fall in love? To want to settle down? To stay and play house and care for the school forever and ever? Lucky for Eve, small towns in movies always rally behind last-ditch efforts. I have a good feeling about this, guys!

3 thoughts on “It’s Christmas, Eve

  1. orcaflotta

    “I have a good feeling about this, guys!”
    Misquoting Star Wars in these times of trouble, you must stop, Jay! Become you it doesn’t. :/



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