There’s nothing a Boov admires more than a wuss and fleeing in terror at the right moment can be all one needs to earn enough respect to become captain of the ship. Having pissed off the wrong alien race, they flee to Earth and are blissfully ignorant to the fact that the humans- forcibly relocated to cramped ghettos- don’t regard them as the “liberators” that they claim to Home 1be. After having accidentally sent out a house party evite to the very aliens that made them flee to Earth in the first place, the already unpopular Boov Oh turns fugitive and hits the road with a young human who wants to find her mom.

The pre-screening of Home at Silvercity last night got a lot of laughs and your kids will probably love it. I was turned off at first by pretty unimaginative animation and a slow start that took way too long setting up its concept. I was eventually won over though and surprised about half way through to discover how much fun I was having watching it. Voiced by Rhianna and Jennifer Lopez, I never really connected with the human characters but grew to love the Boov. Jim Parsons, famous for playing a physicist Home 2ignorant of Earth’s customs, is right at home voicing an alien with the same problem. He gets almost every real laugh in the movie and I plan on using “What is the purpose of your face?” as often as I can for awhile.

Neither the story or the visuals in Home will appeal to adults the way Big Hero 6, Lego Movie, or even How to Train Your Dragon 2 did. It has enough touching moments and big enough laughs though to make up for the many points where it starts to drag.

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