Get Hard at Cineplex VIP Cinemas

Get Hard
The days of sneaking rum into my Coke and worrying that everyone in the theater can smell it are over. Not only will the friendly staff at Cineplex VIP Cinemas not judge you for having a drink with your movie, they’ll bring it to your seat with a smile and a debit machine. If there are three things in life I enjoy they’d be movies, going out for drinks with Jay and Sean, and being called a VIP and on Saturday I got to enjoy them all at once.

There are a lot of drinks to choose from on the menu and it has me thinking about the perfect pairing of drink and movie the way sommeliers talk about food and wine pairings. I know beer makes me ready to laugh, wine makes me sentimental, and martinis make me feel smart. I also know that margaritas that are mixed by Sean sometimes make me throw up so it’s a good thing that I didn’t see any of those on the menu. So for Get Hard- the new Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart comedy- I thought a Heineken would help get me in the right mood.

I’m not sure if I chose the wrong drink or the wrong movie but Get Hard didn’t make me laugh nearly as consistently as its trailer did. We saw Focus at a packed pre-screening a few weeks ago and the preview seemed to be a big hit with the entire crowd, with many of us laughing well into the next preview. All of those same jokes got worked on Saturday’s crowd (although maybe not as well) but there weren’t many new ones in the finished film.

5 thoughts on “Get Hard at Cineplex VIP Cinemas

  1. Jordan Dodd

    Don’t they charhe out the arse in cinemas like that though? I know down under, there is only one cinema that is fully licensed and a bottle of beer costs EIGHT bucks!!


  2. Jay

    Well we expected “Toronto Raptors” prices, as Sean put it (what it would cost at an NBA game) but were charged less. Maybe not much less, but less. For 2 burgers, 2 beers, a shrimp cocktail, a cocktail cocktail, and tip, it came to $80.


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