It’s Only Creepy if You Do the Math

Somewhere along the way I accidentally fell in love with Miles Teller. Is that creepy? Yeah, it’s creepy.

Wait. Just checked IMDB and in fact, it’s not illegal! He’s not a high school student, he just plays 071014-MOS-miles-teller-594one on TV. So it’s totally okay that I want to club him over the head, drag him back to my apartment and put my scarred body directly on top of his scarred body and make scarred little babies until he sprains his penis or I get thirsty, whichever comes first.

I just watched Two Night Stand, a not very good movie made so much better by Teller’s great on-screen presence. Actually, the first part of that sentence probably sells it short because in fact I didn’t dislike it. It’s not ground breaking material, it’s a pretty predictable plot, but it’s got charm. A guy and a girl hook up, supposedly for a one night stand, but stupid mother nMiles-teller1ature has other plans and snows them in, forcing them into a slightly awkward and prolonged encounter. Not the worst thing I’ve watched this week, not even the worst Miles Teller film, in fact

Because I also caught 21 & Over, the poor man’s version of The Hangover. Three best friends from high school reunite in their senior year of college to celebrate the last of them turning 21. Though he has an important med school interview the next morning, he’s dragged out to a bar, and then another and another until all 3 are in such terrible shape that none can remember where the birthday boy lives. Adventure and panic ensue. Teller and Skylar Astin have a lot of charming chemistry, but that only gets them so far. Actually, I just looked it up and it turns out this one was written and directed by the guys who brought us The Hangover, so that explains a lot. Unfortunately, it feels like they prioritized cashing in over story, or good sense. Not that I blame them. I like money too, and I’m super glad I didn’t waste mine seeing this movie in theatres.

At any rate, even in a bad movie, Miles Teller shows us he’s got range. He can do anything. He can be a lovesick puppy or a functional adolescent alcoholic. I enjoy watching him, and I have a feeling, after great performances in The Spectacular Now and Whiplash, that I won’t have to wait too long before turning my gaze upon him once more.


11 thoughts on “It’s Only Creepy if You Do the Math

  1. Big Screen Small Words

    Miles Teller is certainly talented, but I find his movie choices to be a bit odd. It’s like he releases one really good movie with a terrific performance, followed by a mediocre-to-bad movie and he still plays a similar character (or maybe it’s his character’s personality) with that good movie. For an actor who’s getting acclaim for some of his work, I would have expected his choices to be geared towards those kind of projects. But good movies or not, he’s definitely one of the talented young actors working today.

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  2. mattasshole

    I think before Whiplash he would have had to do a lot of things he may not have been very excited about. I even liked him in Divergent. I couldn’t believe the obnoxious bully I was watching was the kid who was so badly bullied in Whiplash.


      1. Jordan Dodd

        Not even a lead performance by Teller could save Divergent.. or whatever shitty sequels it spawns.

        Thoooough, considering the crush you have going on here…. Yeah I’d research how long Teller is on-screen 😉


  3. mattasshole

    No, he’s not even the number two guy. He gets a significant ammount of screen time though and can always be counted on to show up at any minute and be a complete dick. I thought he was great.


  4. Jordan Dodd

    Hahahaha the opening of this post cracked me the fuck up. I really hope Whiplash will start to land him some proper dramatic roles. Coming from a drummer, I know he didn’t play for the entire movie, but what he did behond the kit was pretty fucking amazing!!

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