The Other Woman

The premise: Leslie Mann discovers that her husband is cheating on her with Cameron Diaz, and together they discover that he’s cheating on both of them with Kate Upton. This weird chain could have continued ad nauseam (even though I’m already nauseous enough) despite the fact that the cheater in question is not that good-looking and not very charming. How did he land any, let alone all of these women?

otherwomanAnd why, why must they resort to revenge? And why can script writers only ever think up the same exact 3 forms of revenge? And why must an explosive poop incident always be first and foremost among them?

Why do we keep retelling the men-are-scum story? Has it ever soothed a scorned woman?  And isn’t it quite degrading to men that we’re continuing to perpetuate this men-just-can’t-help-themselves stereotype? And what is it about our society that we can extract comedy from infidelity and broken marriages?

It also makes you feel a bit bad for Leslie Mann. First, she’s forced into the role of the “least attractive.” And then they make her do all the work too. You have to give it to her, she’ll go for broke, but I hate the forced physical comedy. It’s demeaning. It feels desperate for laughs, cheap laughs, and it’s not like I have high expectations for a Cameron Diaz vehicle but honestly – aren’t we getting a little old for this?

11 thoughts on “The Other Woman

  1. Henry Chamberlain

    This movie does not hold up to any serious scrutiny whatsoever. Hmm, I love Cameron Diaz. Just something about her. So, it’s an opportunity lost. Perhaps if this was about guys dealing with their buddy being cheated on, more care would have been put into it. Hot Pursuit is another opportunity lost.


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