The Drop

‘Cousin Marv’s’ is a Brooklyn bar run and formerly owned by Marv (James Gandolfini) and his cousin Bob (Tom Hardy). The Chechen mob has taken it over for their own devices, often using thedropit as a drop – the designated spot where the city’s dirty money will be stored over the course of an evening.

One night the bar is robbed, and now we’re in trouble. Well, they’re in trouble and we’re vicariously in trouble. In a way, this is just another mob movie. Not nice people doing not nice things to other not so nice people. No heroes, no sympathy. But this one kind of rose above for me because Gandolfini and Hardy are both so damned good in it. It’s slow, moody, dark. And to be honest, they probably had me at ‘Tom Hardy with a puppy.”

14 thoughts on “The Drop

  1. Carrie Rubin

    I had this in my hand at the library yesterday, but I went with ‘The Homesman” instead. Kind of weird they’ve both made it on your blog recently. I think we’re all due for a cheerier film.



    Nice quick fast forward review there.
    For me, The Drop was a hidden gem. Nothing earth shattering, but very solid character movie. Noomi Rapace and Hardy share a subtle but powerful relationship. The dog was the perfect excuse for connection.
    Geeze, I’m making this sound like a romance, when this flick is actually gritty and intense. Tension boils under the surface until it erupts in the climax.
    Thanks for shining a light on this underrated indie.


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