Happy Canada Day!

It’s rainy and gray in the Nation’s Capital (a perfect movie day, some might say – Magic Mike, anyone?) and what better way to celebrate our fine country’s 148th year than with a great source of national pride – Blame Canada, as it appeared in the glorious 1999 film South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut.

This song was actually nominated for an Oscar that year, controversial because how on earth would they perform let alone televise a song that contained the gleeful use of the word FUCK? So they called in Mr. Squeaky Clean himself, Robin Williams, who turned his back to the audience at the crucial moment and allowed a backing chorus to gasp in its place. They left in all the best insults against former first lady Margaret Trudeau, Bryan Adams, Celine Dion, and of course that bitch Anne Murray too (who went on record as officially “not offended”).

Happy Canada Day, loves – may your barbecues and fireworks be unsoggy.


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