Trailers Blowin Up!

For better or worse, it’s here, the first look at Suicide Squad.

First of all, oh my god, does anyone really want this many origin stories all at once? My head will implode. Warning you now, Sean: green plants will be required. In abundance. featured an article about a fan theory on Jared Leto’s Joker – are we buying it?

You know what I’m not buying? Will Smith. I know his career really needs a hit right now, but I’m just not sure I’m ready for any more Will Smith.

Some of the Joker – Jason Todd “evidence” comes right from the big man himself, Batman, in this little thing also unveiled at Comic Con:

How many good guys are left? How many stayed that way?

I’m really over Jesse Eisenberg. Like, he can just go back into the little suitcase from which he escaped. Totally over him.

Damn I wish ole Butt Chin Affleck wasn’t so sexy.

Also, Jesse Eisenberg refers to Batman and Superman as day vs night, which I misheard at first as gay – and I literally thought, um, which one?

Now, gun to head, you can only see one of these movies, which one’s it gonna be?


15 thoughts on “Trailers Blowin Up!

  1. seanathant

    After seeing these trailers, I’m less excited about Suicide Squad than I thought I’d be. It doesn’t look bad but it didn’t make me want to rush out and see it, and I was ready to feel that way, because the Suicide Squad is one of the best comic book teams and certainly the most unique. Of course, I will still probably want to see it on the first weekend.

    The Dawn of Justice trailer, on the other hand, made me excited. And it also made clear how much is riding on this movie. If DC is going to set up a movie universe to rival Marvel’s, then Batman vs. Superman has to be great (even more so when it costars Wonder Woman). That’s all three of DC’s top heroes so this has to start things off right if we are going to buy into Suicide Squad, Justice League, and whatever else DC has in production. I hope they get it right!

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  2. seanathant

    Also, I heard “gay” too and I had no doubt Lex was referring to Superman. And in case it wasn’t obvious from my previous comment, if I could only pick one it’s Dawn of Justice hands down.


  3. seanathant

    Finally, it would be very interesting if that theory about the Joker is true. I would much prefer it to a recasting of the Dark Knight’s Joker, except then that’s one more origin story in a movie with too many new characters already!

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    1. SLIP/THROUGH - Dan

      The Robin as Joker theory is interesting. But Leto is a little too old go have been the Boy Wonder. He’s oldsr than Affleck, right. To me, I like how that message on Robin costume hints at shared history.


  4. msmariah1

    A little tired of Will Smith “saving the world.” I wish they would have used a different character to talk during the trailer, but the Suicide Squad trailer is probably the best trailer I’ve seen in a while. The music in the trailer is incredible.

    Hmmm, not so impressed with BvS. Loved Gal as WW of course, but not the rest of it. Also, please make Jesse Eisenberg go away. I don’t know what the casting director was thinking on that one.


  5. wil

    None of the above. If those were the only choices available, honor what little sanity I have left; pull the bloody trigger already!



    I’m super excited for both. Check my reviews too if you’re curious. But I’d say Squad got me more excited. I

    I was already hyped for BvS. The Squad trailer really impressed me. Harley stole the show, even over the Joker. I like hos we get flashbacks… she is in car with Joker, when Batman surfs the roof, and I think she’s getting shocked by Joker at end, turning her crazy (?)

    BvS seems to follow Frank Miller comic, so I know how that story goes, wheras Squad has exciting new possibilities.


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