A little light incest

hyde-park-on-hudson-MOVIE-reviewI just watched Hyde Park on Hudson, in which the fabulous Bill Murray plays president Franklin Roosevelt, who engaged in an affair with his cousin Daisy (Laura Linney), among many others (women, not cousins. as far as I know).

FDR was a powerful man and president and Bill Murray manages to show his loneliness and sadness without giving up his strength. Linney and Murray embrace the occasional absurdity of their situation, Daisy realizing, while giving ole FDR a handie in the car, that they are not just 5th cousins “but also really good friends.” Ahem.

During this time period, FDR is visited at his vacation estate not just by the many women he’s hyde-park-on-hudson-movie-clip-screenshot-king-eats-hotdog_largefucking, but also by King George and his wife. A “social” rather than official visit, the royals hope the USA will commit to helping them in the war against Germany. In turn, the Roosevelts feed them hotdogs, and created a scandal with bigger headlines than Hitler was currently enjoying.

Although rooted in fact, this isn’t Lincoln. It’s a comedy. Murray shows a lot of range and gives us a very interesting portrait of a man who is historically significant but also just a man. The performances are good but I’m not sure the movie really conveys anything fair or enlightening about the events. But who cares, it’s Bill Murray!

daa46d65a1e5004f284bf0681b3a7e57What’s your absolute favourite Bill Murray movie?




41 thoughts on “A little light incest

    1. Jay Post author

      Thank you! Of course I adore the Wes Anderson roles. I’m tickled every time! I also kind of love Zombieland – such a tiny part, cameo really, but it made the movie for me.


  1. kmSalvatore

    i dont know that i can pick just one, i love all movies Bill Murray is in. all i have to see is His name and im there. my husband says when God was handing out funny bones, i was not in line..but i get Him (Bill). havent seen this one, but ill be looking 🙂 thanks Jay


  2. J.

    Haven’t heard of this one … anyhoo, that’s a tough question to throw out there. Hard to overlook Ghostbusters, but I also really love The Life Aquatic. Tremendous stuff. His turn in Zombieland was also a highlight (a nice bonus and knocked the Zombieland ball right out the park). Did I say that was a tough question?

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  3. Sean

    My favourite Bill Murray movie is Rushmore! Honourable mentions go to every other Wes Anderson movie since, as well as Caddyshack, Quick Change and Space Jam.

    Bill Murray rules.


  4. msmariah1

    I really had a hard time seeing Murray as FDR. I may have to watch this one, but I don’t want to ruin the vision I have of FDR in lieu of a dirty old man/cousin boinker. Yikes.


  5. Christopher

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who loves The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou. I saw it in the theater and went back and watched it again after reading a biography of Jacques Cousteau and it was just even funnier.
    But really all Bill Murray roles, different as they may be, are just parts of one awesome dish of Bill Murray. Asking “What’s your favorite?” is like serving someone an elegant multi-course meal and asking, “What was your favorite ingredient?”


  6. Birgit

    I have not seen this film but knew about his affair with his cousin and he married his other cousin-I guess he loves family. I have to say early Bill Murray-Stripes. Mid Bill Murray-Groundhog Day and Old(er) Bill Murray-St. Vincent:)


  7. reocochran

    I like “Groundhog Day” since Murray’s character truly wants to learn and change. He is pleasant and likable in this one. I loved “St. Vincent” even though everyone around him adapts to him, he stays irascible and sometimes nice, but self serving. My favorite part is how he visits one woman in a nursing home. Who she is, is revealed later, you later find out this is his one redeeming characteristic. I am mad he steals the kid’s money.
    I liked the old ones, “Ghostbusters” (but my favorite is Dan Ackyroid) “Caddyshack” (but my favorite is Chevy Chase). Bill Murray in a serious but light hearted role sounds interesting, Jay. Thanks for a few background details, too. 🙂


  8. The Film Giant

    Seriously? Nobody wanted to mention “Larger than Life”? Arguably one of his best, most well played and complex roles set in a ridiculous and hilarious situation?
    I’m not saying any of his other work is any less. I grew up on films like “Groundhog Day” and “Ghostbusters”, as well as, “Stars and Stripes”, which in retrospect seems like a dubious parenting choice but still a great film.
    Wes Anderson films rarely give him truly great roles to work with, “The Life Aquatic” not included in this particular list.



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