Harvest Moon

In a page right out of Schitt’s Creek, a wealthy man goes bankrupt and his spoiled daughter is devastated to have her shopping interrupted. Jenny discovers that her trust fund has been pillaged and all her assets (shoes) seized and there’s only one thing left to her in the world: a lowly pumpkin farm.

Out she trots to bumfuck nowhere, location of “the old Jarrett farm” where several Jerretts are still living and trying to eke out a living, more or less. She meets a handsome Jarrett named Brett who despises her even after throwing her in a muddy puddle (practically her own fault for wearing a designer outfit to a farm, fyi – that’s their MV5BYWNhNjMxYWMtMzdjOS00MTAzLWJkNTMtZjRiNTMyOTZjYmE3XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMzM0ODg1MzA@._V1_SY1000_SX1500_AL_definition of “asking for it”). She needs to sell the farm for a nice profit; he’s always intended to buy it back whenever they had a few dollars scraped together. He does not currently have the means, and she can’t afford to wait. Plus, a TERRIBLE real estate gives her bad advice – that she can’t sell the farm because the Jerretts have significant personal debt. So she resolves to put her vapid, superficial skills to use giving the farm a makeover. Somehow new placemats will make the farm more profitable? As you can imagine, Brett and company are not only unmotivated to help her, they’ve got a plan to thwart her plan!

Not that Jenny needs any help getting herself in trouble. If there’s anything in a given scene that can her daisy dukes wet, you bet she’ll find it, and then act like a cat pawing at its arch nemesis when she does. Cinema at its finest!

Harvest Moon has more dead mothers than you can shake your Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte at. But will Jenny ever find enough “revenue streams” to make someone else’s business viable enough for her to sell the land right from under them? Do NOT question the business sense, her father’s in-house lawyer looked it over, goddammit (yes it’s the same lawyer under whom the family went bankrupt, but what does that prove?).

There’s a lot of questionable content here – a condescending makeover, slapstick involving a tractor, even a Footloose dance lesson knock off without any budget for music. But most importantly, there’s a vaguely handsome widow who is just mean enough to Jenny for her to fall in love with him. Somehow.


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