The New Hampshire Film Festival

Live from the lovely town of Portsmouth, New Hampshire is the 15th annual New Hampshire Film Festival. What sets this one apart from others is its genius focus on independent film. Yes, it showcases some great international films such as Anomalisa (so good!), The Witch (can’t wait!), and Chicken, but it gives the opportunity to lots of local talent to highlight their own independent films as well, and I hope to catch plenty of those while I’m here.




Over the past few years alone, it’s screened some of my favourite foreign movies, like The Broken Circle Breakdown, and Force Majeure, and also some major award contenders, like Boyhood, Blackfish, Life Itself, and Last Days in Vietnam.

There’s a lot to look forward to this time around, but is it crazy that one of the things I might be most anticipating is a comedy panel featuring John Michael Higgins.

17493977-standardIf you don’t know his name, you’ll certainly know his face. He’s Elizabeth Banks salty-tongued co-host in Pitch Perfect, appeared in almost every great TV series – including his turn as “professional” lawyer Wayne Jarvis on Arrested Development, and of course if you know anything about me at all, I’m extra partial to everything he’s done with Chris Guest, including Best in Show and A Mighty Wind. This guy is a real scene stealer, and funny as heck, so seeing him will be a real treat.

16 thoughts on “The New Hampshire Film Festival

    1. Jay Post author

      It’s not too late!
      (also, the festival is in its 15th year, so probably safe to say it’ll be there next year too – always the first weekend after columbus day, apparently)

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  1. reocochran

    I like all of New England, envy your going to New Hampshire film festival and loved your TIFF reviews! I have enjoyed The Mighty Wind but liked Best of Show even better. Did you ever see the strange movie (but a good sardonic film) “Butter,” with Jennifer Garner and I believe several overlapping favorite actors. There are judges in this one. Cutthroat butter carving contest. Here in Ohio our Ohio State Fair has a butter cow every year and also, a unique person or persons. The Wright brothers or a choir of people, for examples. Take care, Jay!
    Anyway, you all have a fabulous time at the film fest!


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