Band of Robbers

Some things never change? Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer are childhood friends, scamps, hunting for buried treasure. They get into trouble. Huck gets caught, repeatedly, and winds up in prison. He doesn’t rat on his friend though, his partner in crime, so Tom keeps out and becomes a cop. Upon Huck’s release, Tom is only too happy to recruit him maxresdefaultinto his Band of Robbers, where they can make “bad guys pay” and get a heck of a pay day for themselves.

Not exactly the Twain you remember? The directors describe it more as “fan fiction” and no, it doesn’t quite hit the high mark they’ve aimed at, but there’s fun to be had in the trying. The script is uneven but there are enough little giggle-nuggets along the way to sustain you. The movie doesn’t quite keep to its original momentum, but I have to admit, I wanted to find out how it would play out.

Adam and Aaron Nee both wrote and directed this thing but only Adam stars – as Tom. The first half of the film is coated thickly in their love for the source material and fans of Mark Twain will be rewarded with winks and nods aplenty. But someone less familiar will still find plenty to enjoy in this little indie caper. The Nee brothers are sometimes lumped into the Mumblecore movement often attributed to that other famous pair of sibling filmmakers (The Duplass brothers), but some would argue the cinematography in their films alone elevate them beyond such distinction.

No matter how you slice it, it seems pretty clear that this is a talented duo on the rise. Discover them now.

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