Arthur Christmas

Merry Christmas.

You may have learned by now that Matt and I are therapists who specialize in crisis counselling. People can get depressed or suicidal at any time, around the clock, around the calendar, so our office never closes. IT NEVER CLOSES. Which means I’m at work today, and was at work yesterday too, and have worked through the holidays for 7 years running. And that’s okay. It’s not fantastic. I’d rather be at home, or with family, or in bed, or in Jamaica, or pretty much anywhere else, but this kind of work doesn’t come without sacrifice, and I knew that going in. I’ve made peace with it, although I always regret leaving Sean (a measly lawyer) home alone (we don’t live in the same city as our extended families) – albeit with a nice bottle of scotch, The Good Dinosaur on Disney Infinity, and a little droid called BB-8 (who is probably terrorizing our dogs).

The good news is, we do find workarounds. Since I’m working until 11pm on Christmas day, we had our Christmas dinner last night, when I got home from work (did I feel like cooking a big meal after a long day at work? you bet!). Then we settled into the hot tub with a bottle of wine. It was a full moon last night, and unseasonably warm here in Canada (a record high of 16 degrees, I believe – what was it like for you?), and it so we relaxed under a starry night to watch a movie recommended by Carrie called Arthur Christmas.

49251-arthur-christmas-best-both-worlds_0Arthur is the son of Santa, and the grandson of Santa too. It’s a job that gets proudly passed down in their family, and someday soon Arthur’s brother Steve will wear the suit. He already nearly runs the whole operation, having streamlined the process with his high-tech gadgets. Grandsanta is enjoying his retirement but Santa’s still loving his Christmas Eve missions and is reluctant to pass the torch. Arthur, meanwhile, too clumsy and keen to ever seriously be considered for the role, works in the letter department, answering all the kids who write to Santa. This Christmas Eve, Steve runs an impeccable shift and 2 billion presents are delivered, almost without a hitch. Almost. End of day, an elf comes across one ARTHUR_CHRISTMAS_15undelivered present. Steve is comfortable with their error margin and Santa’s ready for bed, so it’s up to Arthur, Grandsanta, and an androgynous elf named Bryony to somehow get a bike to Gwen before she wakes up and thinks Santa forgot her.

The movie’s a lot of fun, with just the right amount of saltiness in the sweet to make me happy (not many holiday movies have a Santa threatening to euthanize himself with a rock). Plus the voice cast is top-notch: James McAvoy as Arthur, Hugh Laurie as Steve, Jim Broadbent as Santa, Bill Nighy as Grandsanta…actually, the list goes on like crazy. Have fun trying to recognize them yourself.

This morning Sean and I had a Christmas brunch and gave the dogs each a Christmas steak. No one will ever make a Christmas movie about our non-traditional celebrations (although they tried – it’s called Mixed Nuts), but we did manage to put a little merry in our hearts. And hey – working on Christmas isn’t all bad: I came armed with cheeseball.

Happy holidays.

19 thoughts on “Arthur Christmas

  1. Everyday Adventures at Home... Hurrah!

    Glad to hear that you are still enjoying the season in your own way. What a worthwhile way to spend your working hours, helping people through crisis when they need another human to lean on. Can’t imagine it’s easy, but thank goodness there are people cut out to do it who are willing to do it. All the best in 2016, glad we’ve connected through the blogosphere. Xo


  2. Carrie Rubin

    I’m so glad you enjoyed the movie. My sons loved the “they used to say you couldn’t teach a woman to read” line from the grandpa. They had a good laugh at my expense with that one.

    Hope your Christmas was good even though you had to work. Thank you for the mention!


  3. Jordan Dodd

    Merry Christmas Jay! Hopefully next year I can complete my studying and become a youth worker. I reeeally want to help people like you do, and I think that personal experience beats any degree or piece of paper. I’m sure you’d be with me on that one. Good on you for working on Christmas, most people would just complain about something like that. And you’re so spot on, just cos its Christmas doesn’t mean people won’t need support. The world needs more people like you mate 🙂

    “(not many holiday movies have a Santa threatening to euthanize himself with a rock)”

    this has me intrigued! Sounds interesting. Funny you mention the weather too; cos I’m in Australia it is backwards – it is the middle of summer at the moment and christmas day was at least 35 degrees C!


  4. kmSalvatore

    Glad you did some celebrating!! ive been down that road, with my (retired) hubby being in Law enforcement , he was never home on Holidays. and my family lives 2 hours away, and they think the thru way only runs one way… to them. so over the past 30 years, we have celebrated many holidays on different days. . Cheers to you Jay ..and Matt too, and lets not leave out the measly Lawyer:))
    sounds to me like you guys have it down pat!!!! XXX


  5. Birgit

    It must get difficult at times but you are there for a reason and you remind me now of my favourite film, “It’s a Wonderful Life”. People think of that film as schmaltz, corny etc… but Jimmy Stewart got a fan letter saying that this movie saved this man’s life. You never know how you affect another but if you saved one person then you are one gracious soul. Merry Christmas and glad you found a way to embrace the season. This movie sounds like fun and I love Bill Nghy


  6. Silver Screenings

    I LOVE “Arthur Christmas” and was happy to see your review. I agree – it has the right about of saltiness. Lots of great laughs. I think we’ll have to dig it out and watch it tonight!

    Happy Holidays to you and yours! 🙂


  7. Liz A.

    I’ve never seen this one, but now it sounds interesting. If you can’t have a “traditional” Christmas, do you at least celebrate in some other way? (In one of the cheesy Christmas movies I watched while on my knit marathon, the family celebrated “Christmas Eve Eve”. December 23rd. Because they all worked on the holiday.)


  8. DotedOn

    I hope you had a nice Christmas!
    I LOVED that movie. I think it’s perfect for all ages an it didn’t feel long or boring (like I feel lately with most movies for kids… too much music or chasing and I get sick of it!! 🙂



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