Alan Rickman

I can’t even say how sorry I am to see him go.


37 thoughts on “Alan Rickman

  1. Christopher

    I used to believe great acting was when an actor buried themselves in a part so completely they became invisible. Alan Rickman made me rethink that. He was always recognizable, always distinctive, but it was what he brought of himself to a wide variety of roles that made him a great actor.

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  2. Sean

    I heard this news on my 2 hour commute (stupid snow)! It’s a huge loss. Hans Gruber alone would have made him a legend, but he was amazing in so many different roles, and you knew if he was involved in something it would be worth watching.

    According to IMDB, Eye in the Sky is his last live-action role and he’s as good as ever in it. So watch for that as it releases this March. It’s small consolation but it’s something.


  3. Birgit

    I was shocked to hear of his passing. he was a great actor who could play sinister well but could also play romantic leads and comedy. His voice made me go ga-ga for him. This has been a sad week due to the passing of 2 Brits, both 69, both from cancer and I don’t think people knew Alan Rickman was sick wither or am I wrong?


    1. Jay Post author

      Obviously these things blindside us when we haven’t even heard they were sick, but I hope it gave the family the privacy they needed to say goodbye.


  4. Liz A.

    I heard about this on my drive into work. I was stunned. Then in 2nd or 3rd period the kiddos started discussing. One girl had no idea who he was. So, I told her to look him up on her phone. As soon as she saw his picture, she understood. It was a topic of discussion in the classes all day.


  5. Teena in Toronto (@TeenainToronto)

    He was in a quirky movie called “Blow Dry” that I enjoyed.

    The annual British Hairdressing Championship comes to Keighley, a town where Phil, and son, Brian, run a barbershop and Phil’s ex-wife, Shelly, and her lover, Sandra, run a beauty salon. Phil and Shelly haven’t talked in ten years, since she bolted; she’s just found out her cancer is terminal; and Ray Roberts, the reigning hairdressing champion, blows into town taunting Phil for retreating from competitive styling into barbering. Roberts also brings his daughter, Christina, who remembers Brian from when she was a little kid. Everything’s set: Brian decides to enter the competition with his mom and Sandra; will Phil join in? Ray wants to win at any cost; will Christina go along?



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