Sleeping With Other People

In one of the opening scenes, Jason Sudeikis is standing in the middle of a New York City street getting yelled at by whichever woman he bedded the night before. Lots of confused tourist are driving by. I know they must be confused tourists because the same blue Beetle convertible drives by no less than 5 times during this short scene, and must literally be pulling constant U-turns to do so. Other cars make appearances even more often – a gray SUV can’t stop driving by them, and I counted a half dozen drive-bys before I gave up.

So that’s my review of the movie. It’s so generic that I literally counted cars.

sleeping-with-other-peopleJason Sudeikis is likeable; Alison Brie is bland and has the charisma of a houseplant. These two late-bloomers lose their virginity to each other in college and then spend years whoring it up until their paths re-cross. The story never gets remotely close to anything original and is often trying to be funny, I believe, but falling short. Way short.


11 thoughts on “Sleeping With Other People

  1. ridicuryder


    Skipping it, thanks. A good follow up to this post would be about who does polyamory well in films. One of my favorites is the original Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.



  2. Everyday Adventures at Home... Hurrah!

    The thing about the same cars driving in the background, and the fact that you were driven by boredom even to notice, is just about one of the funniest things I’ve heard in a while. Which is good because it sounds like I wouldn’t get any laughs from the actual film. 😉 Take care, Jay.


  3. movieblort

    I actually thought it was OK, I mean, really stupid and uniformly unfunny, but somehow enjoyable? Each to their own though. I also enjoyed The Overnight. Perhaps I have a taste for shit sex comedies.



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