The Congressman

The congressman (Treat Williams) is having a bit of a slump: his marriage has failed and the media is persecuting him for not standing for the pledge the-congressman-posterof allegiance. His job’s in jeopardy but he’s still out hitting the pavement, trying to do right by his constituents and he finds out that a remote fishing community is the perfect place to hide from a scandal.

Robert J. Mrazek, who spent 10 years representing Long Island, drew on his experience to write and co-direct with Jared Martin.

The congressman is rejuvenated by his time on the island, possibly because nature is always restorative to us humans, but also because the islanders, some of them at odds with each other, some of them direct competitors, still find a way to work together to keep their way of life alive. They overcome their differences to take care of each other – a lesson the house of representatives in Washington could stand to learn.

It’s not a flattering picture of American politics, but it’s quite sincere in its delivery.


8 thoughts on “The Congressman

  1. Birgit

    Politics can never be dewy eyed can it. I wondered what happened to this actor. This sounds like a very interesting film and we could all learn from this…we all need to get back to nature and the simpler ways.



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