Somebody really set out to make this Sam character absolutely despicable. He’s a caricature of the worst kind of womanizer – a pig, sure, but an all-around jerk with no redeeming qualities. He only seems to get ahead at work because his boss is nearly as greasy and gross as he is.

Perfect women are described as “skinny, stupid, and mv5bnjqzmzywmzu4ov5bml5banbnxkftztgwmdg2otyxote__v1_uy268_cr120182268_al_drugged out of their minds” – models, of course. So how do we punish such a misogynist? We turn him into a woman of course. Yup, it’s an identity swap movie, and there’s not even a cute cat in it to make it remotely palatable. And the worst part is that once “Sam” is turned into a woman, the misogynist bullcrap is ramped up because it’s somehow funny to have a cute girl spouting utter shit. I might, might, look past this if there was anything remotely non-disgusting in the script but in fact, all the men are dogs and all the women are shrews. Like real life! And then there’s all the implausible bits.

Anyway. It made me think about what it would be like if my friend and fellow asshole Matt talked to me like the dudes talk to each other in the movie. If Matt were to always refer to Sean as “the old ball and chain” and mocked me openly for being in a relationship with such a “ball buster” and refused to do anything with us as a couple because Sean is insufferably beneath us.

So do you know anyone like this? Someone who openly denigrates marriage and talks about women like all they’re all either secretaries or temptresses, or better yet, both?

And do you think that your workplace would ever accept a random cousin of yours mysteriously filling in for you if you ever disappeared without notice?

19 thoughts on “Sam

  1. J.

    Good grief. This is creative redundancy in action right here. Not even ‘so-bad-it’s-good’.

    And no, I don’t know anyone like that. I kinda figure they just existed in shit movies like this…


  2. Christopher

    A lot of bad movies get made and most of the time it doesn’t bother me, but this is one that makes me feel like I’ve gotten stupider just reading about it. I think there are too many guys who, when they see someone like Sam portrayed in a movie, feel it justifies acting the same way.
    And that’s even when the movie has the redeeming quality of the guy getting some kind of comeuppance.


  3. Lorna Cunningham-Rushton

    I no longer know anyone like that, but I have to confess to knowing a lot in my tender youth. Luckily I decided to spend my life with someone who is anti-Sam and would be if he were a woman. Can’t even go there anymore.



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