It’s awfully boring for a spy movie. Allied would be a better film if it could decide whether to be a wartime espionage film, or to just embrace the wartime romance. Instead it tries to be both, and in trying, fails to be much of either.

Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard play undercover spies who meet for the first time pretending to be spouses. Some dead Nazis and some illicit sandstorm sex later, they ALLIEDdecide that since they’re so good at pretending, they may as well get married in real life too. They’re warned that “field romances” rarely prosper, but critics be damned, they marry anyway, with London blitzing away in the background.

Marion Cotillard is full of sparkle, but Brad Pitt just flubs this six ways to occupied France. He has his moments, I suppose, but watching him struggle, try too hard, and come in rubbery is just embarrassing. Why has director Robert Zemeckis allowed such mediocrity? Possibly because he knew the material didn’t warrant much more. Brady Pitt is hardly the only problem, only the most surprising. The script is limp, indecisive. Nothing juicy happens until an hour in, the action comes in very, very small bursts with lots of passing the time in between. And at least one of the lead actors, perhaps even both, are outshined by Cotillard’s wardrobe, which may be a bit sumptuous for 1940s London, but who’s counting. Costumer Joanna Johnston nabbed an Oscar nom for her work but probably stands very little chance of actually winning. And frankly, I’m perfectly okay with this Oscar baity movie coming away with no Academy Awards whatsoever.

18 thoughts on “Allied

  1. J.

    I wasn’t all that sold on this one and the trailer didn’t do too much for me, either. Well, other than confirm I should leave this one alone.


  2. dbmoviesblog

    Fair review. To be honest, it never even entered my mind seeing it even though I did read reviews praising it. The fact that there are two huge stars involved in this does not persuade lots of people anymore – and there are so many films nowadays trying to go for the all-around genre and failing. You are right, the movie could fail just on that basis, trying to go for both romance and espionage.


    1. Jay Post author

      I pretty much obligate myself to see as many Oscar nominated films as I can before my pool, or else I might have given this a miss entirely (hard for me to do since I love Cotillard).

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  3. Brittani

    This film wasn’t anything special. It was just okay. Good enough for one watch, then I’ll probably never watch it again.


  4. Lara/Trace

    The rumors swirled about a romance between these stars… they are very pretty people… but movies should be more and better than this. Thanks Jay for another excellent review.


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