Eat Like an Oscar Winner

Sean and I are tragically removed from our friends this Oscar broadcast as we’ll be in Philadelphia for some odd reason, and it’s too darn bad because I would rock the shit out of this year’s Oscar menu.

694999267AP00011_89th_AnnuaThe “official” Oscars after-party happens at the Governors Ball, with a menu created by Wolfgang Puck. His Oscar staples include black truffle chicken pot pie, his famous baked mac and cheese, and smoked salmon served on an Oscar-shaped cracker.

This year he’s also serving new items such as Moroccan-spiced Wagyu short rib topped with a Parmesan funnel cake (yeah, you read that right); taro root tacos with shrimp, mango, avocado and chipotle aioli (I might consider caviar tacos myself); gnochetti with braised mushrooms and cashew cream; and lobster corn dogs (um, excuse me?).

Then there’s gold-dusted truffle popcorn, red velvet waffles, caramel cappuccino Oscar 694999267AP00007_89th_Annualollipops, and chocolate bonbons in classic “movie theatre flavours” such as Sour Patch Kids, Red Hots, and Goobers.

And don’t forget the champagne. Cases and cases of champagne, plus Francis Ford Coppola wine, natch.

Of course there are dozens of competing after-parties, and Oscar winners will likely make appearances at several over the course of the night, with the women likely making pit stops to change gowns (not into something more comfortable, mind you, but into something that hasn’t been photographed obsessively just three hours prior).

The decadence extends to the famed Oscar “swag bags” that the nominees receive (mind you these only go to the celebrity nominees in acting categories. An Editor doesn’t warrant one). What’s in the bag (theme: “Everyone Wins!”) this year?

  • 1487363798668a week’s stay at the Golden Door, a resort spa with an art collection, in-room massages, meditation pathways, citrus trees, and a “pain empowerment” “experience” that makes me want to punch someone in the teeth
  • personalized sommelier service, plus a boutique bottle of champagne hand-selected for each nominee
  • limited edition bling: designed for the nominees by Namira Monaco, they’ll receive a pendant and brooch in the Pole Star Constellation
  • a vaporizer
  • a box of Dandi patches, which you wear in your armpits to prevent sweat stains from getting on your nice clothes – probably comes in handy since most celebs just “borrow” their frocks from designers
  • a 3-night stay in an 18-bedroom California mansion that’s worth $40K
  • sweet cheeks cellulite massage pad – apparently you sit on it for 30 minutes a day and the cellulite just packs a bag and leaves voluntarily
  • a Hawaiian vacation on Kauai’s sunny South Shore
  • personalized crayons including a gold one inscribed with the nominee’s name
  • CPR lessons
  • Canadian maple syrup
  • a 10 month supply of Opal apples, which apparently never go brown

9 thoughts on “Eat Like an Oscar Winner

  1. tubularsock

    Seems like a regular day in the neighborhood. Tubularsock wonders how good is it if they have to give it away. And a “sweet cheeks cellulite massage pad”? Pretty much the height of Americanaism!


  2. fragglerocking

    I’m pretty sure vaporisers are used in action movies to pffft the opposition, (Sean would know) a bit dangerous I think. I have visions of nominees vaporising their rivals. CPR would seem a moot point in that case.


  3. Birgit

    Ok, I always bitch that the people who can afford to stay or buy all the things you mention get these things for free. Now, WTF is Pain Enpowerment experience?? I right behind you to bitch slap the person who invented this. If these stars don’t want something, can they auction it off and the proceeds go to a charity? i want the crayons..just saying. As for the grub…I wonder how big the portions are and some of it does not sound appetizing just like you wrote



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