Sandy Wexler

Sandy Wexler is the latest Adam Sandler comedy to hit Netflix; it’s the third in his ground-breaking four-movie deal with them, and in fact, it has just been announced that he’s re-upped his contract for four more: eight movies total. Like him or not, Adam Sandler’s movies have been consistent money makers. His first two tries on Netflix were absolute garbage so it’s weird to me that Netflix was so eager to extend him. It can only mean one thing: people are watching.

sandy-wexler-teaser-still-510x0And here’s the thing: Sandy Wexler isn’t awful. It’s not great, but it’s way more watchable than his previous Netflix efforts. He plays a 1990s-era show business talent who has a bunch of misfits for clients: a vantriloquist, a contortionist, an actress who never gets hired, a third-rate stand-up comedian who only got one star on Star Search. But then he discovers a woman singing her heart out as the ugly duckling\beautiful swan in a children’s play. Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson plays Courtney, a singer so talented that even her weirdo manager Sandy can’t hamper her rocket to stardom.

Sandler does an annoying Sandler voice for Sandy, but he’s otherwise an interesting character. Socially awkward? Too mild: more like socially clueless. Socially backwards. Adam Sandler has a LOT of famous friends in Hollywood, and they all gather in this movie to say crap things about Sandy Wexler, and it’s kind of hilarious. But as we get to know him, we understand that it’s all true. We laugh at his misfires, and we laugh at the easy, time-period-related jokes (example: Arsenio Hall pops up, quite confident that he’ll be famous forever). There are fantastic 90s-era cameos in this film, and if you have any love for the decade, you’ll no doubt have some appreciate for this. The comedy is cheap though. Bargain bin. If you aren’t a fan of Adam, this is NOT the movie that’s going to change your mind. But if you have a soft spot for his trademark juvenile humour, this is a step in the right direction.


18 thoughts on “Sandy Wexler

  1. Ares . Three

    Didn’t care for the movie, but there were some pretty good one liners. “No one knows how to make a healthy breakfast anymore..” as he devours nothing but meats. Good stuff.


  2. Silver Screenings

    I liked Sandy Wexler. I felt it was too long, and too much of the Adam Sandler voice is sometimes way too much, but I thought it had some genuinely funny lines. Plus, it had a lot of heart. I don’t think it deserves the amount of internet hate it’s receiving.

    I have to say I did like his “Ha-HAA!” laugh accompanied by the clapping. From now on, when I hear someone laugh like that, I’ll think of Sandy Wexler.


  3. tubularsock

    Jay, Tubularsock just popped over to view the trailer. Took 3 seconds of the 1:47 minutes to find that you are totally correct at every level! And what is with that fucking voice!


  4. J.

    Haha. Man, the Netflix / Sandler machine is on a roll! I dare say I might watch this one… I like the sound of it and, well, it’s been a while since I heard the Sandler voice.


  5. Susan Leighton

    I have seen various Adam Sandler films over the years. Some are funny, some are not. When he is on, I really enjoy what he is doing. Haven’t heard the buzz on this one so chances are I probably won’t see it. As always, Jay, solid review!


  6. Lloyd Marken

    Call it nostalgia but I love Happy Gilmore and The Wedding Singer. Like The Waterboy although I suspect it won’t hold up well. Thought he turned up and acted in Spanglish and Funny People. But Happy Madison, Click, Grown-Ups all sucked. It feels like at some point he stopped being funny but the movies kept making money and then five years later that stopped and he jumped to Netflix. But I haven’t had a chance to see that stuff. Was there ever a time you dug his comedy Jay?



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