Wild Oats

Eva is a grieving widow who doesn’t even get through her husband’s funeral before her daughter is reminding her of unpaid hospital bills and a home that isn’t worth much before significant sprucing. So can we really blame her when she cashes the 50K insurance cheque even though it’s accidentally made out for 5 million? Nope!

Eva (Shirley MacLaine) vanishes into the night with her friend Maddie (Jessica Lange), their eyes set on a luxury resort in Spain. Maddie is sick, her days numbered, and her Wild-Oats_poster_goldposter_com_2-702x336husband’s just left her for a secretary a fraction of her age. Eva’s been caring for her sick husband for a long time, so washes away her guilty feelings with generous dosages of mojitos and embraces the mistake, determined to live it up. These two chiquitas have nothing to lose so it’s all blackjack and boy toys until a) a dashing Billy Connolly enters the picture and b) the fuzz are on their tail. Well, not so much the fuzz as the insurance company trying to reclaim their losses, but you get the picture.

Is this a brilliant movie? No it isn’t. It’s kind of like Going In Style for old biddies, an adventure for senior citizens that’s exactly as predictable as you’d think. Lange and MacLaine are ludicrously charming but they deserve better material. They’re able to polish a few pieces of coal into diamonds thanks to their professionalism and gung-ho spirit, but for every high, there’s a low. I found it a perfectly inoffensive time-waster, but this movie will really only appeal to people who always wondered what How Stella Got Her Groove back would be like if Stella was an 84 year old white lady.



Asshole Ethics 101: would you cash the cheque, or report it?


16 thoughts on “Wild Oats

  1. J.

    Sounds like a perfectly reasonable way to waste a bit of time (if I’m needing a break from Pacific Rim and don’t fancy rewatching any of those Seagal movies, amaright?).

    As for the cheque… I’d report it knowing I’d be looking over my shoulder instead of enjoying it. But if I was at the ‘twilight of my life’ I’d cash it. Big time. I mean, what’s the worst that could happen?

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  2. Isey

    That age I’d blow it too. I had it happen 10 years ago where by bank/computer error they put 9,000 into one of my accounts. I saw it. I knew it was a mistake. I waited 2 days. They took it back out. They didn’t even bother to contact me either, but the temptation was there.
    I was too young and have ‘too pretty of a mouth’ to go to prison. But in my 70s? Hell ya, I’d just claim innocence and play the “old fool”*

    *I do fool quite well youngish, so older shouldn’t be an issue.

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  3. Widdershins

    I’d be soooo tempted, but no, I wouldn’t cash it, but only because the cost would be too high. Funny how insurance companies take forever to cough up a payout, but want their money back yesterday, with interest, if there’s been an ‘error’.

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  4. calensariel

    I’d leave it in the pocket of a coat I was donating to the Salvation Army and hope that someone forged my signature and used it for something good. Of course the signature would not look a thing like mine so it couldn’t be traced back to me. 🙂


  5. reocochran

    I have a guilty conscience. I tend to apologise for things I didn’t even do! (Really!) So. . . I would call and ask if there is a “reward” for being honest! 😀



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