Girls Trip

Ugh. This kind of movie is just demeaning.

There’s a good idea in there somewhere: four friends reconnecting. That’s the dream, right? That for one weekend you can all make your schedules obey your will, find sitters for the kids, money for the trip, time off from work. And everything converges on one magical weekend during which you can let your hair down and party like you did when you first met your crew, back when you were single and carefree.

The four friends in Girls Trip haven’t gotten together in 5 years. Β Ryan (Regina Hall) is an aspiring self-help guru\daytime TV star and she and her husband are about to get their big break – too bad she can’t stand his cheating ass. Sasha (Queen Latifah) is on the verge girlstrip0004.jpgof bankruptcy and the only thing that might save her is a whole bunch of hits to her celebrity gossip site…and it’s awfully tempting when your best friend is poised to become the next Oprah just as her marriage is imploding. Lisa (Jada Pinkett Smith) is a less important friend so we don’t know much about her except she’s a caring single mother who wears scrubs at work and is pretty high strung. And Dina (Tiffany Haddish) is hardly a character at all, she’s just there to provide the kind of lewd laughs the other ladies are too famous for, contractually. It’s hard to believe they were ever friends, or that a weekend away together wouldn’t result in murder since in the film’s exceedingly long but comparatively short running time (2 hours), I had the panicky urge to start stuffing people in dumpsters.

Anyway. The script is atrocious. It’s Hallmark-grade MAYBE, heavy-handed as hell. It wants to be a females in New Orleans version of The Hangover, and it even steals a lot of their jokes (substitute roofies for absinthe, for example), but it’s weak. Very, very weak. But there are a few things that Girls Trip provides that you are unlikely to find elsewhere: 1. A “grapefruiting” demo (it’s a sex thing, duh – basically a grapefruit turtleneck for excessively large penises to aid in the blow-jobbing of). 2. You’re not seriously going to insist on a second item after that first one, are you? 3. Okay, fine: Kate Walsh as the token white lady who can’t stop talking in Ebonics. 4. As the movie is set at the Essence Festival, the film bloats itself with clips from performing artists such as Puff Daddy, Faith Evans, Maxwell, Babyface, and Mariah Carey. And about two dozen more. 5. Someone urinates like they’re legit trying to put out a forest fire with it, only instead of trees they drench people. And this happens twice.

But wait! There’s more: the power of female friendships, never leaving your unfaithful husband until you’ve got another prospect lined up, drugging the people you love, sexually harassing people like there’s no tomorrow, and white people using words they have no earthy business thinking let alone saying. So much fun. Girls Trip is a low-budget movie that looks low budget and feels even worse. But it put up some big numbers at the box office because there’s a dearth of actually funny movies these days – too bad this one’s no exception.

19 thoughts on “Girls Trip

  1. Christopher

    The worst part of this isn’t just that it’s a terrible movie but that they blew–without grapefruit–an opportunity to offer up something smart and well-done about successful African-American women dealing with life.


    1. Jay Post author

      Yeah, it’s nice to have a movie about female friendship where no one was really catty. But the characters must be much smarter than the script allows to get to where they are. I don’t have a lot of patience for that.


  2. joel watches movies

    everything makes sense again! this movie looked preeeeety bad from the trailers, but then it actually started getting decent reviews and a respectable score on IMDb and i was so confused. nice review as always, jay!


  3. Kariyanine

    Your review is the vibe I got from the trailers but then it came out and the critics seemed to like it (it’s sitting at an 88% RT score and a 71 Metacritic) that I was thinking maybe the trailers just weren’t good. Looks like I wasn’t wrong.


  4. mixedmusingsblog

    I definitely expected it to be silly and low budget but still amusing and uplifting – a fun celebration of African American female friendship that one rarely gets to see. Your review makes it sound horrendous πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ Oh dear.


  5. peggyatthemovies

    Wow! I did not expect this, I thought you would love this one.. i truly did and thought it was one of the better comedies this year. Ah well.. we all have different tastes and that what makes movie going fun! πŸ™‚


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