Autumn Dreams

The fall harvest complete, farmer’s daughter Anabelle elopes with hired hand Ben, and she does it without parental consent which means she must be 18 rather than the 13 she looks. But her father screeches up to the chapel in his antique pickup truck and orders an immediate annulment. Ben, a good guy, “understands.”

Cut to 15 years later: Anabelle runs the farm now – heck, she’s up to her elbows in farming, which is what prohibits her from wearing her engagement ring from Joe. She MV5BM2M5MzYwYTctMWUzNC00MGU0LWIyNTUtMTA4ZDlhNmU1MjAxXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMzQ2MzE5ODA@._V1_SX1499_CR0,0,1499,999_AL_and Ben haven’t seen each other since their unconsummated wedding night. But just as she’s agreeing to marry Joe in one month’s time, she gets big city divorce papers. Wahhh? Oh that’s right, there was a clerical error and it turn out she and Ben are still technically married. So she lies to her fiance, or, lies more to him, and flies to NYC where she gets into various big city hi-jinks such as: elevators! bumping into people! the lack of roosters!

Turns out Ben is getting married even sooner than she is – this Saturday! In the courtroom, however, it seems there are some unresolved resentments, and a lady judge is a real hardass about granting divorces so bingo bango they’ve got a whole week to NOT fall in love all over again.

Autumn Dreams is 80% stock footage and 20% painfully predictable plot points. The things the writer failed to research include but are not limited to: research itself, crops, stocks, courtrooms, chauffeurs, New York City, food trucks, anything and everything to do with the law, grants, farming in general, life in general. It’s not even that autumnal, if truth be told, and that might be its greatest mistake of all. If you’re looking for some real fall coziness, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but October Kiss is like a chunky sweater to Autumn Dreams’ ratty tshirt.


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