The Worst Thing on Netflix

There’s good stuff on Netflix, and plenty of bad, and then there’s the stuff that only Sean could find during his endless scrolling – find, and watch. What he subjects me to on Netflix could probably be defined as spousal abuse, and there’s no better evidence than Pup Star: Better 2gether.

Now, as the rest of you can probably guess from the “clever” use of the number 2 in the word together, this is a sequel. Have we seen the first? No we have not. Did we even know that a first one exited? No we did not. Did we start with the first? Of course we did not: we jumped right in to the complex world building of the Pup Star universe and took our chances.

Tiny is an adorable little Yorkie who apparently in a previous film, won the hearts of MV5BZTk4MjMwNWEtMmVhNy00YTdmLWIzNmYtNWE5MDU5OGNmYWU5XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMDQ0MDI4OA@@._V1_SX1777_CR0,0,1777,999_AL_America and the Pup Star singing competition. This film she’ll have to defend her championship BUT some gangsters are getting in her way! They dognap Tiny and replace her with a street-smart rapping Yorkie who looks identical, called Scrappy. Scrappy says “yo yo yo” a lot, usually in front of “rap lyrics” that sounds like they’re being read directly from a Hallmark card. But anyway, Scrappy’s a ringer who will pose as Tiny only to throw the competition at the last minute. Meanwhile, Scrappy gets pretty comfy cozy in Tiny’s lavish lifestyle, and Tiny makes some new friends hanging with Scrappy’s rap crew.

This is NOT a cartoon, folks. They’re real dogs with moving lips superimposed onto their faces. They speak English and are understood by humans. There are dog characters with racially-based personalities and names like Guido and Rasta. There’s a disconcerting amount of human-based slapstick. And there’s a very confusing ‘cameo’ by Dave Coulier. I found I could only take the nonsense for a max of about 10 minutes at a time so we actually watched this movie over a series of 7-10 nights, over a period of maybe 2 months.

Why though? Especially when we have our very own cute and cuddly Yorkie at home.


That’s Fudgie. He was a unicorn for Halloween. He’s an amazing dancer.



What’s the worst thing you’ve been duped into watching?


19 thoughts on “The Worst Thing on Netflix

  1. tubularsock

    Hold on here. There are drugs for this type of behavior!

    Now Tubularsock doesn’t have Netflix but heard that it comes right into your very own living-room! How rude, if you ask Tubularsock!

    Putting judgment aside for a moment ……. “Pup Star”, the sequel?

    Hold on, Tubularsock has to light up a joint and open space. Now, that is better.

    Spousal abuse to the extreme if you ask Dr. Tubularsock and with some work we can help both you and Sean out of this Netflix-spiral.

    Take two hits in the morning, take two hits at night repeat until rainbows appear. All better now?

    Tubularsock used to have a Yorkie who traveled with Tubularsock all over Europe. Even the hotel staff at Tubularsock’s favorite Paris hotel not only knew Gizmo by name but would escort him to our room. Too fun.

    Tubularsock only took Gizmo from his previous owner after Gizmo bit her and she had to get seven stitches into her belly.

    Tubularsock also was warned that Gizmo bit children as well. Adorable really.

    Yes, he was a troubled dog but fit Tubularsock’s personality rather well.

    Now how did Tubularsock get off track here? Oh yes, Fudgie ……. too cute.

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  2. Isey

    I’m a masochist. Once I start watching a movie – any movie – I watch it to the end no matter how bad it is/gets/seems.

    Every one of them has at least one moment of redemption. I quote. A moment of good acting. A twist or surprise.. you just have to hunt for it.

    Someone put their time, money and effort into it and every movie deserves to be seen to the end if you start it. I mean, just being bad is often entertainment enough.

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  3. joem18b

    Watched Furry Vengeance for the second time last night. 8% on the Tomatometer. My daughter is in it for 10 or 15 seconds so I couldn’t say no. All the animals speak their own languages, but with human (English) inflections. Without a doubt, more humans fall over backwards in this movie than in any other I’ve seen.

    And I got a Furry Vengeance T-shirt.



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