The Week Of

Have you ever been 23 and so deeply in love that getting married is the only answer? The only answer even if your family thinks you’re a little young, and a little crazy? And doesn’t love always make you a little crazy, no matter how old you are?

Sarah and Tyler are indeed getting married, and if they’re a little crazy, their family is a LOT crazy. His father is a wealthy heart surgeon (Chris Rock) who spent more time in the operating room than in the family room, and her father is a humble contractor (Adam Sandler) willing to spend money he doesn’t have to give his baby girl her special day.

Sandler is quickly surrounded by all manner of family, and you know how family is. And if you’ve ever been married, you know how weddings are. You spend a huge chunk of MV5BMjMyNjU4NDIzMF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMzUyMzE3NDM@._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,1499,1000_AL_money in order to assemble the biggest nuts in your family just to see which ones will crack under the pressure. And oh  my god they crack in such spectacular fashion. I bet your own wedding was not without disaster: tell us about it in the comments! But every wedding has its own brand of chaos, and with Sandler co-penning the script, you know you’re in for some moans and groans, if perhaps not of particularly imaginative variety.

Sandler and Rock are not at their best here, and it seems they’ve decided they don’t really have to be. There’s an extensive cast on hand, including Rachel Dratch and Steve Buscemi, everyone contributing some nonsense on a sliding scale. The bits I liked best are when the whole family is assembled, everyone talking over one another, the old biddies with their insistent ignorance and the younguns there against their will. It felt like a real family, like my family almost, except we’d have fewer deli sandwiches and a lot more beer nuts (not to mention beer). Both Sandler and Rock get drowned out in those scenes, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that those are the ones that work best.

Anyway, The Week Of has a few forced laughs but it’s in no way a good movie – just a tolerable one if you’re flipping through Netflix in the need of something light and brainless.

13 thoughts on “The Week Of

  1. J.

    Haha! I was very close to watching this last night! Ended up opting for War On Everyone. Maybe I’ll get a watch next time… though it seems unlikely at this point.


  2. thelonelyauthorblog

    We timed this perfectly again. Last night was the first night of this Netflix movie. Very disappointed. It had a few good laughs, but most were forced. Perfect review. Worth watching only if there is nothing else to see and all household chores are done.

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  3. Wendell W Ottley

    “The Week Of has a few forced laughs but it’s in no way a good movie – just a tolerable one.” To be honest, that’s better than I expected once I saw that pic of Sandler and Rock sitting together.


    1. Jay Post author

      Any time you put all these personalities with a lot of history into too-small quarters, you can’t help but get some friction!


  4. Liz A.

    I hate weddings. When they happen on my favorite TV shows, I buzz through them. Not going to sit through one voluntarily. (And as I’m single, I have no real life wedding story for you.)


  5. Kariyanine

    My wife and I got married on July 5th, so with everyone in town for the wedding we decided to have a family party/barbecue thing on the 4th. My mother-in-law was acting crazy for whatever reason (I think she was fighting with her sister, my wife’s god mother. threatening to call of the wedding if she didn’t leave), and one of my wife’s bridesmaids threatened to break her arm if she didn’t knock it off she’d break her arm. She must have listened though because she was quite well behaved the next day for the actual wedding.



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