anon-trailer-clive-owen-amanda-seyfried-0“Done before and done better.” I could probably leave that as my comprehensive review of Anon, last week’s Netflix original movie, but what fun would that be?

Anon’s premise is simple. In the future, the police can rewind and review anyone’s point-of-view, so can instantly solve any crime. Except lately, there is a glitch in the Matrix, because killings are carried out without the police being able to see the murderer. It’s up to grumpy cop Clive Owen (whose child died young) to solve these cases before the killer does him in and figure out how Amanda Seyfried’s mysterious hacker fits into the puzzle.

In case it’s not obvious by now, Anon is Minority Report’s fraternal twin, somehow born 16 years after its much more atractive sister. Incidentally, Minority Report is currently available on Netflix, at least in Canada, which seems cruel.  But you’ve seen that one before, right?

If you liked Minority Report (and you would if you have any sense at all) then Anon is exactly mediocre enough to watch before you watch Minority Report again – good enough that you won’t feel like you totally wasted your screen time, and bad enough that it will make you appreciate Minority Report even more.

That’s the unexpected virtue of “done before and done better”, that’s the niche that Anon has found, and that sums up nearly all of Netflix’s “original” content.  There’s  simply no need to waste time coming up with your own original idea when it’s way cheaper and easier to tweak someone else’s, and to be safe Netflix covers its bet by having the original on standby, either as a replacement or a superior second feature. Well played, Netflix. Well played.

9 thoughts on “Anon

  1. Liz A.

    And there’s even a TV series for Minority Report (which I enjoyed, so I was sad when it was cancelled after one season).


  2. bookbeachbunny

    It seems like Amanda Seyfried is popping up in everything these days even trailers. To bad about the movie. I like her and Owen but too many other things to watch these days 🙂


  3. J.

    Oh. This is Netflix? I’ve seen the trailer in the train station as Sky Cinema Original or the likes… peculiar. Anyhoo, I hadn’t thought of Minority Report, but that’s definitely an accurate assessment given the premise. My initial thought was “so, a feature length Black Mirror?”


  4. K at the Movies

    Totally agree, wonderful review. Minority Report is a nice comparison and I’ve made similar comments on the Netflix Originals and how they come across as failed pilots and pitches that Netflix decides to give a shot. I wonder for Anon if you’d agree with that I felt it sort of could of been more interesting if it constructed the plot around the world or the central themes rather than just incorporating it into as you’d say something, “Done before, done better”. Again nice, well said review.



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